Direct printing and sublimation

I print my designs in t-shirts and other clothing items by myself.
I use two of the best techniques on the market with which you may print a wide range of bright colors with no texture. I use:

   - Direct printing: with which you may print directly on the fabric. It involves a special printer that injects a special fabric ink directly on the fabric.

  • Gives a high level of detail, whether the picture is big or small.
  • The picture settles in the fabric smoothly.
  • Unlike serigraph and vinyl printing, there’s no color limit. Bright colors and gradients.
  • The picture doesn’t fade, crack or lose its color.
  • Unlike transfer or vinyl, the printed area allows the airflow and doesn’t make you sweat.
  • It allows printing a single item, unlike serigraph.
  • Easy to take care of the clothes.
  • Even though, it raises the price of the clothes, because of its quality, the products that requires and making process.

   - Sublimation: is a process in by which the picture is printed in a special paper with specific inks. When applying pressure and heat on the paper with a special iron, the ink goes from its solid form to a gas form and then penetrates the fabric and settles permanently.


  • Advantages: exactly de same as with direct printing, but it’s a cheaper technique, and therefore a cheaper product.

  • Disadvantages: it can only be used on fabrics with 100% or a high level of polyester. Also, it can only be used on light colored fabric, since it hasn’t got white ink. It uses the fabric color as a base and adds colored inks on it.

Custom designs

If you want to order a logo, poster, drawing or design, as well as a mermaid tail, and you have an idea of what you want, I can design whatever you want an offer an estimated budget.

I’ve made scalable vector graphics, watercolor designs, photo edits and designs for airsoft groups, music bands, diving schools, associations, or people who want a unique design for themselves.

If you want, I can also print your design on clothes.

Prices of my designs depend on the difficulty and time of the designing process.

Prints for other artists

If you have a trademark or just want to print your art on clothes for selling, I’m the one you are looking for! I’m different to other companies for various reasons:

  • I offer a wide range of clothing items and I suit your necessities.

  • Instead of ordering a big number of t-shirts, for example, so you must have a huge product stock with various sizes, colors and designs, making it very expensive, I offer a “flat fee”, so that anytime you make your order, you order it and even I … do dropshipping! I assume the shipping costs if necessary! You order only what your customers ask for, so you don’t have to pay in advance or order a big amount of any item.

I already work upon request for some artists such as @artilegio, @_ninjii or @nkdco. You can take a look of their work on Instagram.



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