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I’ve wanted to design clothes for many years, but in a different way, I mean, focusing my designs not in shape but in color and drawings. After years of trying to find a job according to my career, never giving up on drawing and painting, I decided to take the risk and try to undertake this project, which would consist on adding a unique, creative touch on the clothes designs, without losing its quality (usually nowadays the quality of the clothes that we buy at shops isn’t good or sustainable).

I started buying my own machines, and after one year of self-teaching (machines, materials, suppliers, shipping, marketing, social network…) I’ve launched my own website in order to offer a better service.

I started with diving, water and adventure sports related designs, my great passions, and I continued with comic books, film, TV shows, videogames, current affairs and satire theme based designs… and I’ll carry on with many more projects that I have. I don’t want to stop creating new things for you!

And, in addition, I’ve always been in love with mythology and mermaids, therefore part of this project (and after a long thought), it’s about creating a line of swimmable mermaid and merman tail designs (neoprene/scuba or lycra “skin” + monofin).

The “mermaiding” movement, born many years ago in the USA and has extended throughout many countries worldwide, is an activity that combines sport, beauty and environmental awareness. Tail making industry, with different materials, has been growing though North America and Europe, but yet there wasn’t any so called “tailmaker” in Spain. Small businesses, like mine, are introducing themselves into this amazing world, creating their own brand. 

All designs have been created with lots of love, finding inspiration in water animals and iconic movie characters.

After one year as a mermaid teacher, I’ve had de opportunity of trying many materials, therefore “skin” fabrics and monofins have been tested in many shapes and materials, in order to offer the best quality and safety according to the different swimming styles you may chose.

Hope you like it! 





I receive your order and then I order the clothing items to the wholesalers I work with. It may take from 2 to 5 days, depending on the availability, because some clothes come even from Germany.
The manufacturing process is a bit longer when making mermaid and merman tails, since I make them from scratch and custom-made and they are 100% Spanish manufacture.
They have to be printed, cut and sewed. Delivery time last from 15 to 30 days.
I order the fabrics first, I take them to be printed to specialized large-format printing companies, and them I sew them.


Depending on the clothes materials, they are printed by sublimation (for acrylics) or fabric direct printing (for cotton). They must be pre-treated, sealed with heat and pressure thanks to a special iron, take them to the printer, print the design (this may take from 2 to 15 minutes) and seal it with heat and pressure. It takes several minutes for each clothing item.

Then I pack the clothes or tail along with the instructions for its care and maintenance, so it may last many years!


I prepare the package and I send it through different shipping companies, depending the country.


Sylbia Croit

I studied History, specialized in underwater archaeology, and I come from an artistic family. I’ve been attending drawing and painting lessons, focusing on oil painting since I was 9, and I started working as a class assistant at 16, not on a regular basis, but nowadays I still working on this.

I love adventure and extreme sports, and I practice many such as potholing , scuba diving, cave diving, snowboard, canyoning, sport shooting… I love to travel and learn new things.

And I’m a big mermaid fan too! Actually we have created an Association called Sirénida so we can practice and share this water sport. I am a certificated mermaid and triton instructor by the international certification authority IMSIA, as well as a lifeguard and free diver.

Since I’m born and raised into art, I love it in all of its forms and I want to express it the best way I can. I make my works of themes that I like and that I think you may like as well.

I work with oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, markers, watercolor pencil, digital tools… almost anything that comes my way!


Customer care was super nice and fantastic! Bags and t-shirts are so unique! So retro and geeky. I´m so coming back.

Jenny Mo

First of all I may say that having one of this tails has fulfilled one of my childhood dreams.
The monofin is fantastic, the fabric (speaking as a tailor) is from a very acceptable quality and the printing is really top. Sizing is fantastic as well and if you come across with any problem or question, customer service is 10 out of 10. She always keeps you updated and solves anything, besides she has always been very kind.

Viigae Loba

Great, a really good service. They solve all your doubts and advise you really good. Product as in the description. I recommend it!

Yoru Gracia

Very happy with their work. Nice and well-made t-shirts. Thanks a lot. Mermaid tails were great, the little ones loved them. Very professional. I’m very happy. Happy to repeat.

David Hernández

Very happy with my purchase!! So many years waiting to have a mermaid tail and it’s finally here! I found Nereidshop by chance and I’m so thankful for that. Great attention, Silvia is a dear, the asses you in everything, they send you pictures… anything you need. And very cheap!!

Patricia Requena



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