Mermaid & Merman Tails


Mermaid and Merman tails

“Mermaiding” is about swimming like a cetacean or a fish (depending on the movement) using both legs as a fin and the muscles to propel you forward adding changes in position and hand movements. It is a sport activity that combines swimming with a monofin, apnea and synchronized swimming. I’ve created my own collection for this sport, based on my personal experience as an instructor and trying different materials, monofins and combinations.

This tails are 100% made in Spain for a sport or artistic use. Designed and sewed by myself, I’ve created different categories depending on what are they going to be used for while swimming. Tails are made of different strong fabrics (lycra or thin scuba/neoprene) and printed so that they have a realistic appearance and bright texture. They are 100% swimmable in salty water, fresh water and chlorinated water. They are light and neutrally or positive buoyant, so you won’t sink with them. One of their greatest advantages is how easy are to put on, with access to the feet part by hidden side zipper, so you can put the monofin on. It also allows a fast removal if needed. And on top of all… they are machine washable!!

BASIC model: is the most basic and cheap. With simple designs, it is meant for an easy amateur use. The monofin is light and easy to put. It’s the most suitable model for little kids that want to start practicing this sport.

SPORT model: for an occasional or regular practice. “Skin” designs are a bit more intricate, with fins on a side or on the back, so they look better in a performance. The monofin is a bit more “professional”, it is harder, bigger, and requires more strength to move it underwater, making it stronger, and also making you exercise. It is the model that I use for teaching and for Merfitness. All this skins can be adapted to the monofin.

PERFORMANCE model: is the most expensive model, used mostly for performing in aquarium, performances or photo-shoots. They are bigger and longer, with a wider tail fin, so that the monofin doesn’t adjust the fabric making it more elastic for swimming and giving a more natural wavy movement. They require higher swimming skills since they are heavier and harder to move underwater (because of their size), therefore the movements are slower.

Which one is yours?

Keep watching to find some example videos!!

Sirénida with PERFORMANCE model tails

The mermaids Jade and Nereida performing at Atlantis Aquarium in Madrid with Performace Model tails and “Madison”, “Ariel” and “Tetra” designs.

Swimming with a SPORT model

One of Sirénida’s merman using our Atlantic white-sided dolphin Sport Model tail.



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